Green Connection Updates

What is the Green Connection All About?
In 2006, the City Council adopted a resolution, which sets out a series of goals for the city that are grounded in the principles of environmental soundness and sustainable development. Here you can trace our progress and see the most recent developments.

Our ongoing ventures include Green Building. Our Green Building Program offers incentives, including expedited plan review and waiver of Plan Check fees, to our Anaheim building and land development partners on qualifying sustainable residential and commercial projects. We also offer Advantage Services energy and water efficiency incentives for homes and businesses to help our customers reduce their bills and to protect our environment. We will now waive permit fees for qualifying residential and commercial energy efficiency measures and equipment.  

IRS tax credits are back for owners of existing homes who install energy efficiency measures or equipment. The tax credits were adjourned at the end of 2007, but they returned as part of the economic rescue package legislation passed on October 3, 2008.

Green Power Progress
  • Anaheim’s green electric resources, which already include wind, geothermal and hydroelectric, will soon be expanded with the addition of landfill gas resources.
  • Despite the higher cost of renewable resources, we have been able to bring more and more Green Power to the our community, thanks to the generous support of hundreds of Anaheim customers. Learn how you can participate and sign up for Green Power for the Grid.
Energy Field
A 3-acre parcel of under-developed land under a transmission line was recently transformed into a much-needed urban play area, with built-in solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity for the grid. The double-duty playground is also testing an innovative grid-interactive energy storage technology.

Green Office Supply Procurement
Policies are in place to encourage the purchase and use of recycled products wherever possible in the daily operations of Anaheim Public Utilities. By taking small steps department-wide, we can further our commitment to the use of renewable resources and waste reduction. Read more about the program.

The Ask an Expert Hotline provides customized responses to green building questions for building professionals and the general public. Call 510-845-0472 extension 2, to submit your question. This service is provided at no cost for Anaheim residents and businesses, and most inquiries are answered within 2 business days.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sets the national standard for rating sustainable development across the United States. Their website offers general information as well as specifics regarding the LEED certification process.

Contact Us
While other new programs are in the wings, many of our popular programs are continuing and some of our most successful are expanding. If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, we encourage you to let us know and we will try to connect you to the information and resources you are seeking.

You can also call Anaheim Public Utilities at 714-765-4184 to meet with us early in the design phase of your home or development project, or email us for more information on our Green Building programs. In most cases we can offer additional savings opportunities through 1 or more of our Rebate and Incentives incentive programs.