Arena Technology

Arena Lighting
In the arena there are 3 lighting systems available.
  • Instantaneous operating quartz system, limited to white color.
  • Mercury vapor lamps, white in color with a 5 minute restrike.
  • Television quality metal-halide (HID) 'sports' lighting mounted in the center arch of the arena and designed to concentrate in excess of 100 foot-candles on the floor.
View the Arena Floor plan with capacities chart. Right click in the popup window for print and save options.
Arena room with chairs setup and the stage has the American flag as a back drop
Arena Floor
  • Concrete floor with unlimited floor loads
  • 28,140 square feet
  • 146' x 207'
Ceiling Height
  • 45 feet to 89 feet
Telephone services are provided by Smart City Networks. Arrangements for these services can be made through their office located in the Convention Center. Smart City may be reached directly at 714-765-8600.

Locker Rooms/Dressing Rooms
The arena provides 3 performers' dressing rooms, plus 2 fully functional locker rooms, including shower facilities. Each locker room can accommodate up to 40 persons.

  • The basic building electrical system is a 4-wire, 3-phase 208/120-volt Y-connected.
  • Heavy duty wall outlets are available for exhibits in the arena. A 200-amp, 208/120-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire 'bull switch' is located on the exterior arena wall.
  • All hookups to building electrical service must be made by arena's in-house electricians.
Stage & Theatrical
  • Staging is available in 48 feet, 56 feet, 64 feet, and 72 feet heights.
  • The main arch of the arena contains incandescent feature lights. There is no dimmer on these lights. They are controlled form the master sound/light control position. The intercom system can be controlled from the master control booth with outlets at each spotlight position as well as backstage. Adjacent to the master control booth is an announcer's booth.
ARAMARK is the official caterer of the Anaheim Convention Center and Arena. ARAMARK is a world leader in facility food services and can provide general arena fare or any specialty catering needs you may require. ARAMARK can be reached at 714-765-8800.

The Anaheim Convention Center Arena has a RainbowWall® LED display and ProLine Scoreboard System from Tran-Lux-Sports. This system can add a great interactive multimedia element to your event. The scoreboard system can accommodate a variety of sports including basketball or hockey.

View the Arena Brochure with all the specifications of the arena.