Compressed Air
Complete heavy duty compressed air piping systems are available in the exhibition halls serviced from overhead catwalks through plugged ballcock outlets in each hall, located at each roof support column head. Capped outlets in each column (near the floor level) are available.

No compressor equipment is available from the convention center due to the large variance of requirements. Input is a standard pipe thread fitting located on the wall outside each exhibit hall.

The basic electrical system in the building is 120 / 208 3 phase 5 wire unless noted otherwise.

Hall A
There are 12 load centers, located on the catwalks, 8 have 2-200 amp services and 4 have 3-100 amp and 4-200 amp services all cam-lock. There are 2-400 amp services and 1-200 amp 240 volt 3 phase 4 wire services. Each column has a 50-amp qual-ark receptacle.

Hall B-C-D
There are 12 load centers, located on the catwalks, 8 have 2-100 amp, 1-200 amp 277/480 volt services and 2-100 amp, 1-200 amp 120/208 services, 4 have 2-200 amp 277/480 volt and 3-100 amp, 4-200 amp 120/208 volt services with cam-locks. Each column has a 50-amp qual-ark receptacle.

Hall E
There are 2-277/480 volt busways that feed 3-200 amp Posi-lock and 8-100 amp Litton Veam receptacles. There are 8-120/208 volt busways that feed 36-200 amp Posi-lock services, all above the ceiling grid.

There is 1-200 amp, 4-400 amp 120/208 volt services, all cam-lock, in the west service hall, and 1-400 amp, 1-350 amp 120/208 volt service in the north entrance.

Each Ballroom has 1-60 amp, 1-100 amp receptacle in the wall and 8-30 amp receptacles in the floor. In addition there are 5-100 amp, 4-400 amp show services, all cam-lock, in the service corridor.

Meeting Rooms
Each meeting room has 1-60 amp, 1-100 amp, and 2-30 amp receptacles in the room.

Electrical Hookups
All hookups to building electrical service must be made or approved by the Anaheim Convention Center Electrician's.

Floor Loads

Exhibit Halls
PSF Unreduced/Reducible
Framed Floor (Hall D)
250 Unreduced
Stab on Grade (Halls A, B, C, and E)
350 Unreduced
Meeting Rooms and Ballroom
100 Unreduced
Corridors and Lobbies
100 Unreduced
Mechanical Areas
100 Unreduced
Elevator Machine Rooms
(or equipment weight plus 40 PSF)
150 Unreduced
Roof 20 Reducible
Mezzanine Offices Partition
80+ Reducible
Storage Offices
125 Unreduced
Exhibit Halls
Overhead show lighting in the exhibit halls is 1,000-watt metal-halide with fluorescent work lights. Intensity in the halls exceeds 100-foot candles.

There are 2 lighting systems available. The 1st consists of multi-vapor indirect lighting. The 2nd is a TV quality metal-halide sports lighting mounted in the overhead arch and is designed to concentrate in excess of 100-foot candles on the floor.

Meeting Rooms
Fluorescent and incandescent lighting in all the meeting rooms are controlled by a remote portable light dimmer to provide maximum flexibility and are ample lighting for any event.

Loading Docks
There are 37 truck docks available for loading/unloading equipment.

Natural Gas
Natural gas service is available in each roof support column in each exhibit hall. Service is delivered at normal household pressure (approximately 14# PSI) through a ½” outlet.

All meeting rooms and the Ballroom have complete sound systems. Contact PSAV Presentation Services at 714-765-8667 for pricing and information.

The arena and the exhibit halls are equipped with public address systems.

Stage & Theatrical / Arena
Staging is available in 48 inch, 56 inch, 64 inch and 72 inch heights. Eight strong super trouper spotlights are available for rental.

The main arch of the arena contains incandescent feature lights. There is no dimming capability for these lights. These lights are controlled from the master sound/light control booth. The intercom system can be controlled from the master control booth with outlets at each spotlight position as well as backstage positions. Adjacent to the master control booth is an announcer’s booth.