Rates & Policies

Welcome to the Anaheim Convention Center. Convention Center at night

The Anaheim Convention Center has provided our tenants and guests with the best in customer service for many years. Our customer service policies are based on the facility’s rules and regulations as outlined in this manual.

We invite you to use this manual as a reference and a guide. It will give you an overview of the network of regulations by which we operate our facility. This manual contains helpful information that will assist you in planning for your event.

Please discuss any questions regarding the information contained in this manual with your Event Manager. Our goal is to help you produce a successful event by providing quality customer service along with comprehensive information.

Thank you for selecting the Anaheim Convention Center and giving us the pleasure of serving you. We look forward to working with you toward a successful, memorable event.


Thomas Morton
General Policies, Rules & Regulations
View the General Policies, Rules and Regulations, topics include but are not limited to:
  • Access
  • Advertising
  • Animals
  • Banners
  • Cleaning
  • Ejection
  • Electrical
  • Exhibits
  • Fire
  • Food/beverage
  • Freight
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • Lighting
  • Move-in restrictions
  • Parking
  • Plumbing
  • Set-up
  • Shipping/receiving
  • Trash
  • Vehicles

Parking Lot Regulations

The Parking Lot Regulations covers the rules affecting parking of vehicles by our visitors and guests as well as tenant and exhibitors.

Rates, Services & Equipment

The Rates, Services and Equipment Schedules has the fees and charges for the use of Anaheim Convention Center labor, services and equipment.

Box Office Fee Schedule

The Box Office Fee Schedules covers the use of the box office and ticket selling services for public/ticketed and consumer shows.


Public/Ticket Event & Consumer Show Rate Schedule

The Public/Ticket Event and Consumer Show Rate Schedule details the fees and charges that might be associated with different types of public/ticketed and consumer shows.

Trade Show & Convention Rate Schedule

The Trade Show and Convention Rate Schedule details the fees and charges that might be associated with different types of conventions and trade shows.

Crowd Control Operational Procedure

The Door Opening Procedure covers the established steps that must be followed prior to the opening of doors on show days to attendees.