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ARAMARK - Managed Services, Managed Better.
When developing the concept of A Taste of Anaheim, we did more than just import successful food ideas that worked elsewhere.

Everything we do here is designed to give our guests a true taste of this great region. From creative chefs who can transform simple foods into works of art, to our friendly and professional servers, to our professional staff, we'll take your event to a whole new level.

You'll see it in our "One Stop Shop" experience that runs the gamut with edible flower arrangements, special lighting, themes and entertainment ideas.

And you'll see it in menus that reflect Southern California's culinary diversity with contemporary interpretations of favorite dishes.

It's the difference between serving food in a city and blending a city into the food we serve.

It's a difference we call A Taste of Anaheim.

The possibilities are endless. From bringing the beach indoors, to creating a fantasy world of imaginary places, having your event "on the moon" and more - Aramark is happy to create the exact mood and theme you are looking for.
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