Initiatives That Lead Environmental and/or Social Change

Chefs to End Hunger

In partnership with ARAMARK, the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC) strives to have 0 excess food, but when there is, ARAMARK chefs are empowered to easily and efficiently repurpose food that would normally go to the compost program and redirects it to feed the hungry in Anaheim/Orange County.

Sustainable Menu Development

The ARAMARK environmental team solicited feedback and suggestions from the community and ACC guests and used the data to develop a farm to fork program highlighting local, sustainable and organic farms within a preset 120 mile “local” radius. Utilization of these farms allowed the ACC to reduce food mileage by more than 500,000 miles of travel per year.

Locally Sourced Items

Items now sourced locally include:
  • Heritage, specialty and heirloom cheese
  • A new local wine partner to supply all house wines which supports “Trees for the Future” – Buy a Bottle, Plant a Tree
  • Grass fed, humane certified beef producer that sources whole animals that are managed on a local ranch

More Changes

Additionally, the ACC and ARAMARK have:
  • Become a full partner with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program; the 1st Convention Center to obtain this recognition
  • Selected Rain Forest Alliance and Fair Trade certificated coffee
  • Specified that all liquid dairy must be rBGH-free
  • Begun serving only eggs certified humane cage free
  • Eliminated foie gras due to controversial production methodologies
  • Sourced free-range organic protein and center of the plate options such as poultry, pork and lamb

Solar Power

In early 2014, the ACC worked with Anaheim Public Utilities to install a 2.4 megawatt solar panel system on the roof of the ACC that spans 300,000 square feet of rooftop space. The system will generate an estimated 3.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually; enough energy to power 600 homes for a year.

Sustainability Portfolio

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