Recycling Initiatives That Lessen the Environmental Impact

Through it's sustainable practices partnership with ARAMARK, the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC) is able to be a leader in food sustainability through exceptional sustainable menu developments, environmentally preferred purchasing and environmentally responsible waste management. 
  • Creation of the “Green Zone”- An on-site recycling center that handles the recycling and dehydrating processes for the Convention Center.
    • There are 2 on-site dehydrators that breakdown pre-consumer kitchen scraps to be diverted as part of our organics waste program.
    • Recycling is achieved by collecting water and soda bottles (P.E.T.), glass, cardboard, electronic, paper and aluminum waste. Additionally, kitchen oils are turned into bio-diesel fuel.
  • The ACC use of biodegradable utensils, cups and serving plates lessens the environmental impact.
  • Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency and other related organizations.
  • Partner with local food bank organizations.