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Andy Anaheim
Welcome to the City of Anaheim's monthly newsletter! Here you can find links to all of the past issues of our Andy Anaheim eNewsletter. If you were unable to read a past issue or you simply want to catch up on updates click on the issue that interests you. Visit Our Community to learn more about what is going on in the community. 
Who is Andy Anaheim?
Many of our residents have fond references to Andy Anaheim. For those of you not as familiar with him, Andy Anaheim was first introduced in the 1950s, not nearly as old as the city which was founded in 1857, but certainly an iconic figure.
Andy Anaheim 1954 - City of Good Living
The city, in collaboration with community partners like the Anaheim Historical Society, often use Andy Anaheim as a symbol to signify the good things happening in Anaheim. We hope that you will share in our sentiments of what he means to the Anaheim community, as he will help to provide the community with updates that reflect the wonderful events that bring together the talent, diversity and good will of our community. To learn more visit the Anaheim Historical Society.

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