City Information and Alerts

  1. _311

    Anaheim 311 is a non-emergency hotline that allows residents, businesses and visitors to contact Anaheim City Hall through 1 easy to remember phone number, 311.

  2. Anaheim Anytime

    Find out how you can contact the city with a service request, question, or concern.

  3. Anaheim Alert

    The City of Anaheim provides an important community text messaging system to communicate urgent and emergency information to residents, businesses and visitors that sign up for this free service.

  4. Anaheim at a Glance

    A quick look at information for the City of Anaheim.

  5. City Directory

    Access the city directory to see contact information for various departments and city officials.

  6. City Council

    The City of Anaheim aims to continually reinvent itself to be a better place for all who live, do business in, or visit our great city.

  7. Historical Information

    See Anaheim historical information, demographics, list of accomplishments, and more.

  8. Anaheim Magazine

    Anaheim magazine was started in 2003 as a way for the City of Anaheim to inform residents, businesses and visitors of all the exciting events and activities taking place within the City.