Capital Improvements

The Community Services Department’s Capital Improvement Section

The Capital Improvement Section for recreational amenities of the Community Services Department is responsible for the acquisition, master planning, design and construction of Anaheim park and trails projects. These projects can consist of new facilities or improvements and upgrades to existing parks and trails. The Capital Improvement Section also oversees development of buildings within parks such as gymnasiums and community centers.

Capital improvements are funded by fees paid by private developers who construct new residential projects within the city of Anaheim per the Anaheim Municipal Code 17.34. In lieu of paying a fee to the City, Developers may dedicate and develop land for parks and recreational facilities. Capital improvement projects are also funded through a variety of federal, state, and local grants.

Below are some of the current major projects that are under design or construction. (last updated on 05/02/13)

  • Anaheim Tennis Center at Boysen Park   
  • Miraloma Park and Family Resource Center
  • Anaheim Outdoors
  • Ponderosa Park
  • Schweitzer Park 2-5 year old Play area
  • Schweitzer Park Restroom
  • Sage Park Restroom

Recently completed projects which are open to the public is noted below. (last updated on 05/02/13)

  • Anaheim Coves at Burris Basin
  • Anaheim Wetlands
  • Colony Park
  • Edison Park
  • Palm Lane Park
  • Schweitzer Park 5-12 year old Play area
  • Founders’ Park  
  • Twila Reid Park
  • Willow Park

Anaheim Coves

Anaheim Coves is located at 962 S. Rio Vista Street. Through a property lease agreement with the Orange County Water District, the City of Anaheim is currently developing a 14 acre passive recreation/nature park within an existing 125-acre ground water percolation basin/wildlife habitat area located at Burris Basin. The facility will be open to the public on a daily basis between the hours of 7 a.m. to dusk. Visitors will access the site via the Ball Road parking lot to the south, the Lincoln Avenue parking lot to the north or via South Rio Vista Street to the west. The project consists of various parkland improvements including: observation and seating areas, bicycle racks, drinking fountains, an equestrian rest area, interpretative signage, two small parking lots consisting of an 11-space lot accessed from Ball Road and a 14-space lot accessed from Lincoln Avenue, two small restrooms, hiking and bicycle trails, trailheads, and extensive native landscaping improvements within the park. Funds for this project were provided by the State of California and the Federal Recreational Trails Program. The proposed improvements will not impact the existing OCWD habitat areas or groundwater replenishment activities. Funds for this project were provided by the State of California and the Federal Recreational Trails Program.  The dedication took place November 15, 2011. 

Anaheim Coves Bike Trail Picture

Miraloma Park and Family Resource Center

Miraloma Park and Family Resource Center will be located at 2600 E. Miraloma Way, Anaheim, CA 92806. The proposed project will include the renovation of existing 4,312 square foot warehouse building into a family resource center and the development of the surrounding city owned property into a neighborhood park. Site amenities include a perimeter loop trail, a skate plaza, outdoor classroom area, picnic facilities, interactive water feature, drought tolerant landscape, and playground.

Miraloma Park Improvements Drawing


The Anaheim Outdoors Connectivity Plan

The Anaheim Outdoors Connectivity Plan was approved by Council on April 30, 20013. Click here to download the document and Resolution.

In 2011 the City of Anaheim was awarded $250,000 from the State of California’s Urban Greening Planning Grant Program and approximately $200,000 from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) under the Compass Blueprint Demonstration Project program. The grant funds were used to identify a unique and implementable network of parks and trails that will increase green space throughout the City by planning a system of green corridors which will connect residents, visitors and employees to both existing and planned high-density urban areas. The Plan also identifies projects that emphasize shade trees, pocket parks and open spaces, a river walk, multi modal and non-motorized trails and pathways, demonstration gardens, wildlife corridors, bioswales, and other storm water filtration and collection systems.

The goals of the community were ascertained through numerous public and stakeholder meetings along with input through the public website. These goals were assimilated into the eight chapters of the document:

  • Build Community
  • Improve Connectivity
  • Promote Healthy Lifestyle
  • Increase Recreation Opportunities
  • Foster the Sustainable Landscape
  • Enhance Financial Value
  • Promote Safety
  • Implement and Maintain the Plan  

Ponderosa Park Master Plan

Ponderosa Park Renovation The Ponderosa Park & Family Resource Center is being designed to provide a social gathering place, as well as recreational, family and community services, which promote the safety, stability and healthy development of Anaheim families. Located on 7.6 acres at 2100 S. Haster Street, adjacent to the Ponderosa Elementary School, the project will also provide joint use programs to leverage investments of both time and money to create a vibrant and active community resource.

The design for Ponderosa Park and the Family Resource Center is well under way in partnership with Dougherty + Dougherty Architects and MIG Landscape Architects.

Ponderosa Park is being renovated to include amenities such as a shaded community picnic area, individual and group picnic tables integrated among the existing trees, a playground and tot lot, splash pad water play area, outdoor reading room, and skate park. A large group picnic area with colorful fabric shade structures will overlook the splash pad and play areas. Smaller clustered and individual picnic pads will also be provided as well as open shaded turf areas. A walking track will encircle the existing baseball field and tie into an outdoor fitness area. A majority of the existing shade trees will be preserved. A separate restroom building will also serve the renovated park.

The new Family Resource Center building will contain an enclosed and covered courtyard with a fountain and decorative paving. The exterior of the new building will contain outdoor reading areas and a California-friendly planting demonstration garden. The park will be accessible via sidewalks and a wide, tree-lined corridor and central plaza that will host future programs and events.

The proposed 18,000 square foot Family Resource Center includes a gymnasium with full-sized basketball court, a dance/exercise room, general use classroom, teen-use room, WIC counseling room, multi-use room with demonstration kitchen, and a new courtyard for community use. Other amenities include meeting and counseling rooms, restrooms, and administrative offices.

    History of Public Meetings
  • Presentation September 17, 2013
  • Verification of Master Plan October 2, 2013
  • Parks and Recreation Commission approval of Master Plan October 23, 2013
  • Public input on the new playground/spray park and skate park December 4, 20013
  • Presentation conceptual plans for the Family Resource Center March 10, 2014
  • Verification of Conceptual Park and Family Resource Center Plans October 1, 2014
    Upcoming Public Meetings (once dates have been set a flier will be mailed to all neighbors and past attendees)
  • Children’s Workshop for Playground Design + Spray Park
  • Workshop for Skate Park Design
  • Workshop for Outdoor Exercise Loop
  • Workshops for Artwork
  • Building Design Meeting

Dedicated in 1965, Ponderosa Park is an important public facility that is heavily used by the community and surrounding neighborhood. The park receives a great deal of use for scheduled sports leagues and regular daily use by families who enjoy the park’s amenities. Located within the park is the Ponderosa Family Resource Center. The building was originally constructed as a recreation center, but in the early 80’s it began to function as a resource center primarily dedicated to serve the needs of the residents who live in the surrounding neighborhood. Due to the need for additional office space, the building was expanded in 1983. In 2000, a modular building was added to the site to further meet the need for additional space. Due to the continued increase in the community’s service needs, combined with the building’s size and layout limitations, the facility does not adequately meet the needs for staff to effectively administer community programs.

Ponderosa Park Skate Park Rendering

Ponderosa Park Improvement Drawing
Ponderosa Site Exhibit

Community Meeting Floor Plan


Olive Hills Park Dog Use Area - 700 Nohl Canyon Road

Draft Master Plan Presentation and Community Meeting Notes

On April 13, 2012, the Parks Capital Projects Section met with the community to discuss a dog off leash area in the unused western portion of Olive Hills Park. The draft master plan includes a small dog area, a large dog area, low perimeter fence, double entrance gates, benches, 6 foot wide decomposed granite path for walking/running, expanded parking to about 26 spaces, restroom, and agility equipment areas in both dog sections.  The items the attendees wanted were the walking path around the dog use area, the use of native plants to attract birds and butterflies, the agility areas, aesthetic fencing, and the restroom.  The community requested even more parking, continued weed control, a dawn to dusk facility with no lights, increased policing/rangers, and more shade trees. A few community members had concerns regarding the presence of coyotes.  The community noted that future improvements include a walking path throughout the park.  The City revised the Draft Master Plan to reflect some of the desires expressed at the meeting.  Elements changed on the plan were additional shade trees and the parking has been expanded to approximately 50 spaces.  The revised plan is attached below.   


La Palma Park Dog Use Area – 1151 N. Anaheim Blvd.

Draft Schematic Concept Presentation and Community Meeting Notes:

On May 15, 2013, the City of Anaheim Community Services Department held a community meeting to discuss proposal to convert the grass area on the east side of La Palma Park, to a dog off leash area. The meeting included representatives from Code Enforcement and the Police Department. The draft concept plan includes separate small and large dog areas surrounded by a 6 foot high perimeter fence which is divided by an interior fence. There will be two entrance areas and expanded parking along La Palma Park Way. The community suggested:

  • Planting shade trees
  • Posting the maintenance/grass reseeding schedule on the website
  • Providing for safety of people/kids/dogs especially at the ticket booth entry area
  • Prohibiting non-dog uses
  • Not restricting the park to residents only
  • Posting dog restrictions like: 3 dogs per person/adult, no aggressive dogs, no dogs in ‘heat’, dogs must be vaccinated (no young puppies)
  • Posting emergency numbers such as O.C. Animal Control
  • Installing a shade structure
  • Installing areas for dogs to dig in

The City is hopeful that a volunteer group will help maintain the area and remind fellow users of their responsibilities when using the off leash area. The proposed concept plan is shown below. If you have comments or suggestions please contact Naomi Gruenthal at (714) 765-4465 or


Paul Revere Park

Paul Revere Park will be located at 160 Guinida Lane, Anaheim, CA 92805. The park will include a gazebo, a volleyball court, a playground area, landscape, security lights, and exercise stations.

Paul Revere Park Improvement Diagram></p>
<p> </p>
<p id=Sage Park Improvements

Sage Park is located at 1313 West Lido Place, Anaheim, CA 92801. The project involves replacing the existing restroom and playground facilities.

Sage Park Improvement Layout


Schweitzer Park Restroom Improvement

Schweitzer Park is located at 218 S. Bel Air Street, Anaheim, CA 92804. The project involves partial demolition and renovation of an existing restroom building and related site work.

Schweitzer Park Restroom Improvement