Motor Incentive Program

The program is fully subscribed.  We are currently not accepting new applications until July 1, 2019 or as funding becomes available.  For questions, please call 714-765-4124. 

Upgrading your Motors system can save more money than you think.

Anaheim Business Energy Efficiency Solutions Program offers incentives to their customers for energy efficient upgrades for replacing existing and operating motors. One way to reduce your energy costs is to switch your standard inefficient motor with a new premium energy efficient motor.


Efficiency range

Hp Range


Maximum Incentive


86.5% -96.0%

5-Hp - 200-Hp

$60 - $1,400 per unit

$50K per program

Contact Us

  1. Commercial Energy Incentives

    Email us
    Phone: 714-765-4124

    Anaheim Public Utilities

    Anaheim West Tower

    201 S Anaheim Boulevard
    Anaheim, CA 92805
If you are ready to implement your motor/pump replacement project, please download the following information and contact us about your project. (All projects are subject to funding availability)

Program Steps

  • Review the Incentive Rules and Restrictions and the Incentive Application Process instructions
  • Find your incentive in the “Motor Incentives Program Tables”
  • Download the Motor Application: (re-name file using account address and name)
    - Motor Application
  • Download and complete all required tax forms (including W-9 & 590)
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the NEMA Motor Incentive Program, call your energy representative at Anaheim Public Utilities, or fill out this online form. A representative will contact you within 2-3 business days.