Income-Qualified Programs

  1. Dusk to Dawn Lighting

    Receive free high-efficiency LED or fluorescent lights with photo sensors that automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Income-qualified residents may also have the lights installed free-of-charge by one of Anaheim’s approved and licensed electrical contractors.

  2. Income-Qualified Assistance

    Eligible low-income persons in economic hardship can receive a one-time emergency electric utility bill payment to offset the costs of heating and/or cooling their home.

  3. Income-Qualified Energy Discount Program

    Customers who are 62 years of age or older, have a long-term disability, or are military veterans, and whose household income is at or below 80% of Orange County median can receive a 10% credit on the electric portion of their Anaheim Public Utilities Bill.

  4. Turf Removal Grants

    Turf Removal Grants for Income-Qualified Customers: Anaheim Public Utilities and Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority have partnered to provide turf removal grants to income qualified customers at no cost. The grants are part of the Water-Energy Community Action Program, and the City of Anaheim is one of the locations selected for the grant program.

  5. Weatherization Program

    Anaheim Public Utilities, in partnership with the Southern California Gas Company, assists income-qualified residents in making their homes more water and energy-efficient. Contractors make home repairs, replace inefficient appliances and install other measures as needed to help customers conserve water and energy.

  6. Programas de Ingresos Calificados

    Usted podría calificar a uno o más de nuestros programas de ingresos calificados si el ingreso de su hogar cumple con los requisitos de elegibilidad.