Computer Tutorials

For immediate help with computer training, try these recommended online tutorials.

Basic Computer Tutorials

  • California Connects
    Learn to use computers and the internet with easy-to-understand lessons that are free to everyone.
  • Computer Basics
    Find lessons, interactive presentations,and instructional videos on this website for those who are new to using the computer.

Using the Mouse

  • Minimouse 
    This very simple game teaches kids to move the mouse and click. It also helps them to begin thinking spatially as they predict their character’s trajectory when he jumps.
    Practice using the mouse to select radio buttons, check boxes, drop down lists, enter data, and select cells from a spreadsheet.
  • Palm Beach County Library System
    Have fun playing games while improving your mouse skills at the same time. Challenge you friends.
  • SkillfulSenior
    Learn about the computer mouse and how to use it to select, highlight, drag and drop and more.

Typing Tutorials

  • Good typing
    Spanish and English instructions are available on this site. Lean how to type and take the typing speed test for free.
    Everything you need to know about typing can be found on this site, including where to place your fingers on the keyboard and learning to type on the number pad. You can test your typing speed and play typing games as well.

Additional Resources