Jack Baligad

Neighborhood: Chain / Gain / Transit

My name is Jack Baligad and I was born and raised in Anaheim and have lived here for 47 years. I went to high school in Anaheim and served in the US Navy and enjoy spending my Sundays at Magnolia Baptist Church in Anaheim. I love fishing and watching movies with my wife, whom I grew up within 5 miles of, but never met until 20 years ago.
Baligad, Jack
I am currently an air compressor service technician and I love to work! I enjoy volunteering at Anaheim SERT, Anaheim RACES and Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because I love being able to go out and help others in my community. Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council allows me to have input in my community which is so important to me because being involved in the community is the right thing to do. One thing I have learned about APD is that they truly care about the community they serve.