Marta Baltazar

Neighborhood: Ariel / Olinda

My name is Marta Baltazar and I’ve lived in Anaheim for 20 years. I’m a stay-at-home parent and I volunteer at my children’s school. My hobbies and interests are shopping, spending time with my family, going to the movies and I enjoy talking to people.
Baltazar, Marta

I enjoy volunteering at my children’s school, cooking and knitting. I enjoy being on the neighborhood advisory council because I learn how to help my community and share information in my neighborhood. I also enjoy working with others and being a part of a team to improve neighborhoods. Community involvement and volunteerism is important to me because I’ve grown as a person and I like to get to know my neighbors. I like to be aware of what’s going on and I enjoy helping.


Interesting things I have learned about Anaheim Police Department (APD) are all the help and assistance they offer and the interest they’ve demonstrated in working towards improving our neighborhoods. The great thing about being a member of CNAC is how to help my community.

My background is in accounting/bookkeeping. I studied in Jalisco, Mexico. I worked for 14 years as an administrative assistant for the judicial system for the state of Jalisco, Mexico. In the United States, I have volunteered in the school for the last 12 years. I enjoy helping children; I also volunteer with the GRIP program for the Anaheim Police Department and I am the president of ELAC for Western High School. One of my proudest accomplishments is to see my children become professionals. I think it’s important to partner with APD because I learn and gather information that I share with my neighborhood.