Earl Kelso

Neighborhood: Kodiak

I moved to Anaheim in July of 1991 and currently live on Merrimac Drive. At that time, we had a spa installed in the back yard and the first night we were able to hear gun fire coming from Kodiac Street, 3 streets over. This lead to my joining the Neighborhood Flashlight Walk with Officer Bill Moss. It was suggested that I get involved with the East District Council and eventually I became Vice Chair and from there the Chair for 2 years.
Kelso, Earl
From there I enrolled in the Anaheim Police Department Citizen Police Academy (PACE) class and learned about the department. After PACE, I went on to join the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and am still an active member of the group. I was offered a spot in the Anaheim Neighborhood Academy and also took that course and learned the workings of City Hall. While I was Vice Chair of the East District, I was automatically placed on the Community Development Advisory Committee. Eventually, I received an appointment from the City Council to the Community Services Board.

Not having enough to do, I jumped at the chance to be on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council. I am also active in the American Legion at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. While I do not possess a college degree, I have taken several college units and am about 17 units short of getting an associate of the arts degree. I enjoy seeing the City of Anaheim thrive and become better every year, and I would like to think that in some small measure I have helped by giving back to the city as much as it has given me.