Downtown Anaheim Recycled Water Expansion

The Downtown Anaheim Recycled Water Expansion project will design and construct a pump system and storage tank sized to serve the majority of Pearson Park’s irrigation needs, using recycled water produced from the Water Recycling Demonstration Facility (WRDF) next to City Hall. Project also includes installation of approximately 2300 feet of recycled water pipe from WRDF to Pearson Park. 

Pearson Park was selected for this project because of its close proximity to the Recycling Plant and because of its high visibility to the public to promote public awareness.   


August 2016: Start of Design 
Fall of 2017: Start of Construction 
Summer of 2017: Project Startup
Water recycle
Pearson Park

Project benefits:

  • Helps City meet state-mandated goal of 20% reduction in per capita water demand by 2020
  • Allows resiliency against draughts since the park will not be subjected to any water restrictions; keeping the ball fields and landscaping in good condition year round.  
  • Utilizes the unused recycled water from the treatment plant, saving over 6 Million Gallons of potable water per year. 
  • Provides an educational opportunity to the residents and visitors to Downtown Anaheim, through signage that will be displayed at the park.
Project Contact:
Lisa O'Connell,, 714.765.4225