Anaheim South Recycled Water Project

ASWRP Site Plan
The Anaheim South Recycled Water Project (project) will replace 1,775 acre feet of potable water per year and is located within Anaheim's Platinum Triangle and Resort Areas.

The Project consists of three main components:
  1. A metering connection near E. Orangewood Avenue to capture recycled water from Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) 
  2. A recycled water pump station with an approximate 50,000 gallon tank 
  3. Distribution pipelines for recycled water tank to be delivered to users for landscape irrigation and chiller uses 
The pump station will be located at 2400 E. Orangewood Avenue (or the alternative site of 1050 E. Stanford Court), and approximately 8 miles of recycled pipelines will be installed within the following streets:
Orangewood Avenue, Katella Avenue, Harbor Boulevard, Disneyland Drive,
Walnut Street, West Street, Rampart Street, Clementine Street, Zeyn Street, Magic Way, and Audre Drive.

Project Contact: Dan Sett,