Leslie Swan Mier

Neighborhood: East Anaheim Hills

My name is Leslie Swan Mier. I have lived in Anaheim for 51 years, since 1962. I am a realtor and am involved in network niche marketing. My hobbies and interests are:
  • Community service
  • Food
  • Golf
  • Passion for animals
  • The beach
  • Travel
Swan Mier, Leslie
I enjoy meeting new people in my community and around the world. I enjoy being on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because I have lived in the Anaheim area for over 50 years with strong ties to my community. I run a Facebook community group called the Anaheim Hills Buzz with thousands of members in our community, and enjoy having up-to-date information to pass directly from the police department to our community.

Importance of Community Involvement & Volunteerism

Community involvement and volunteerism are important to me because giving is the cornerstone of a strong community and it is also important to give yourself new opportunities for personal growth. After having the opportunity to be in a Citizen Police Academy (PACE) class, I have learned a little about each department and what they have to offer back to my community. Whether it is drugs or how to protect ourselves in dangerous situations, the Anaheim Police Department (APD) has given me the ability to educate myself so I can pass it on. I feel very fortunate to have the best officers in states protecting my home and family. The great thing about being a member of Chief's Neighborhood Advisory Council is that I get firsthand knowledge and strong ties to our police department. I am in the know of situations good or bad.

I am a licensed California realtor and PACE graduate. One of my proudest accomplishments is raising 2 bright, young women that will be a rock in society. Another accomplishment of mine was being honored last year by the APD Community Service award for the East District and the first social media site that APD partnered with.