Permit Parking 

Permit Parking Program Update

Thank you for your continued interest in Anaheim’s permit parking update. We are nearing the end of this process and are eager to process the petitions in queue once we have a Council-approved policy.

We truly appreciate those that attended the Town Hall meeting on March 13 and to those that participated in the survey. We received 793 survey responses, including current permit-holders, those with petitions filed, and those not currently engaged with the program. Detailed survey results will be posted on the website shortly. Highlights of the survey results include:

  • 72% of respondents strongly supported/support some aspect of the proposed guidelines.
  • 70% of respondents agree the new policies would streamline the process, and
  • 75% of respondents support the measures prohibiting oversized vehicles and/or cars for sale on public streets to balance on-street parking demands

We are bringing the Permit Parking Update items to City Council for their consideration on Tuesday, March 27, 5 p.m. at their normal City Council meeting. This meeting is held at the Anaheim City Council Chambers at 200 S. Anaheim Blvd. and is open to the public. At this meeting, Council will consider and potentially take action on the new permit parking guidelines and related draft ordinances, with a second reading vote to follow two weeks later. The ordinances would be effective 30 days after the second reading which would be May 11 of which we could then officially begin processing the petition in queue.

Within the updated guidelines and related ordinances, due to the feedback we have received to date, the following specific revisions are being recommended for Council consideration:

  • Reduction of the $500 petition fee so that in no case shall it exceed $50 per household to address smaller petition areas. For example, for a petition on a street segment that has six homes, the fee would be reduced to $300 (6 homes x $50/home).
  • Refinement of proposed district boundaries to better align with arterials of surrounding neighborhood streets, resulting in a number of smaller districts.
  • Incorporation of a temporary placard system implemented pursuant to administrative guidelines that may be established by the City Manager if deemed necessary to facilitate the loading and unloading of oversized vehicles and/or the preparation of such vehicles for travel or storage
  • Inclusion of a process for revocation in instances where a permit holder has violated the Anaheim Municipal Code (AMC), the California Vehicle Code (CVC), or the California Penal Code or if the permit issued to a vehicle has received two (2) or more citations for violation of the permit parking ordinance within a continuous period of six (6) months. The revocation process may include a hearing by the City Hearing Officer for final decision.
  • As part of the revised permit parking ordinance, the addition of a prohibition against moving solid waste containers in a manner that precludes collection of solid waste, obstructs driveways or other rights of way, or otherwise interferes with vehicular traffic in order to park on a street or portion thereof designated as permit parking only

Figure 1: Conceptual Permit Parking District Guidance - click here to view the map.

2018 Survey Results - Click here to view the results of the survey

For more information on the proposed update, click here to view our fact sheet.


1. Staff Report

2. Resolution (Rescind Council Policy 5.7)

3. Council Policy 5.7

4. Permit Parking Guidelines

5. Ordinance (Permit Parking)

6. AMC 14.32.450 (red-lined)

7. Ordinance (Oversized Vehicle)

8. Ordinance (Cars for Sale)

9. AMC 12.32.205 (red-lined)

10. AMC 14.32.181 (red-lined)

11. Map

How to Purchase Permits

 AVOID THE LINE, PURCHASE ONLINE! Residents who reside in currently implemented permit-eligible districts are able to purchase their two-year residential and visitor permits online via the Permit Store.

New online permit applications will be handled during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Other Documents

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