Business, Developer & Contractor Resources

  1. Apartment Owners Program

    You are in invited to participate in a time and money-saving program available only to apartment owners with more than 4 rental units.

  2. Current Environmental Review

    Anaheim Public Utilities environmental review documents.

  3. Electric Construction Standards

    Standards for the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground distribution, transmission, telecommunications and street lighting systems, owned and operated by the Anaheim Public Utilities.

  4. Electrical Service Checklist

    A 10-Step Guide for New & Growing Businesses Whether you are a new customer to Anaheim's electric system, a long-time customer moving to a new location in our community or you need to add electric capacity to your existing facility to power the growing needs of your business,

  5. Equipment Screening Manual

    View and download an aboveground equipment screening manual.

  1. Electric Service Guide

    View and download a guide to electric service.

  2. Generation Interconnection

    Learn more about distributed generation and how it relates to the City of Anaheim.

  3. Pole Lease Agreement

    Utility Pole Lease Agreement and lease charge attachment.

  4. Temporary Power Form

    If you are building a new home or commercial facility and require temporary power for construction in the City of Anaheim, complete this form.