ACC North Specifications


Electrical boxes are located on the floor of each level. The boxes are located on a 30’ x 30’ grid. The floor boxes are designed for convenience in flexible access of power and utilities. The boxes are connected via a conduit “bailout” system which allows large power cable distribution under the floor to minimize cable ramping. The loading dock bays have additional points of entry to the bailout system to facilitate cabling access for the shows. The 100 Level and 200 Level have dedicated high amperage show power “Company Switches” that serve in addition to the floor boxes. Both levels have (2) two 400amp and (2) two 200amp gears. There are auxiliary company switches on the loading dock, which can feed both levels via in wall access on the 100 Level and vertical bailout access to 200 Level. All power is fed 208/120v 3ph. The floor boxes on the 100 Level are 100amp total distributed and includes standard 120v gfci, 30amp 3ph or Hubbell pin and sleeve. Level 200 has two box configurations: 100amp total and 60amp total alternating every other box. The modes of distribution are respectively similar, but different in amperage.

There is power in the ceiling for rigging and signage. The ceiling power is 30amp 3phase at every 30 feet. No compressor equipment is available from the convention center due to the large variance of requirements. Input is a standard pipe thread fitting located on the wall outside each exhibit hall.

There are also 30amp 3phase convenience outlets and data jacks on the walls throughout the entire public space. The pre-function areas also include 60amp floor boxes near the exterior walls and 100amp dedicated pin and sleeve power distributed north and south on the interior walls.

The balcony spaces also have 120v power and network data connectivity.

It is not required to line up the booths to an electrical grid; however, you run the risk of having a box in the middle of a booth or aisle where it may be inconvenient to access. NOTE: All utilities come from floor boxes including air, gas, water, phone & internet.

Arena Plaza: A majority of the power in the Arena Plaza is located on the east side and near the Reader board. In terms of power on the Arena Plaza, it is as follows:

  • Eight 60amp quelarc
  • One 30amp 480v 3ph
  • Five 30amp 3ph
  • Two 100amp Hubbell pin and sleeve
  • One 400amp 480v source on camlock
Please see your Event Manager for a map of the locations.


General: The ACC North is comprised of (1) one fire zone. An alarm on either level will result in the evacuation of the entire building.

Fire Bypass: In order to conduct hazing or pyrotechnics, a request must be submitted to your Event Manager. To bypass the system, clients are required to pay for (1) Security Guard at the panel & (3) Crowd Control personnel for fire watch purposes.

Beam Detectors: There are beam detectors in the ceiling that connect to detect points in both the Plaza Level Lobby & the 200 Level Lobby. The beams points cannot be broken. Thus, there are currently some rig points that are not usable. If the beam connection is interrupted, then this will activate the fire alarm system.

Fire Access Lanes: There are (2) fire access lanes on the north side of ACC North (Katella Ave) that need to be kept clear at all times.

Arena Plaza: There is a 20-foot fire lane required in the Arena Plaza. It is located on the west side of ACC North between the Plaza Level entrance and the Arena Plaza Fountain. There is also a fire hydrant located in the Arena Plaza just north of the east Arena entrance doors that requires clearance. No equipment may be placed in this area. Please speak with your Event Manager for additional details.

FIRST AID • The primary First Aid Office is located on the Bridge Connection next to the 200 Level entrance. A secondary First Aid Office is located on 100 Level as well.

  1. 10 Gig Back Bone with a 10 Gig backup
  2. High density Cisco wireless
  3. Gigabit backbone
  4. Cisco Gigabit switches
  5. Fiber optics on a 30X30 grid on each floor
  6. All cabling is Cat6 LIGHTING
  7. LED dimmable-lights are available throughout the space.
  8. Lights can be disabled individually as a preset function.
  9. Lights that are turned ON in a partitioned space can be dimmed from OFF, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. Lights that have been turned OFF do not have a secondary dim up feature; they simply remain off.
  10. Labor charges may apply for light programming. There is a minimum (2) hour labor charge per current rates. Please check with your Event Manager.


100 Level & Plaza/Street Level: General Service Contractors are permitted to rig & hang signage (including those on the existing banner rods) on both the 100 Level & Plaza Level.

200 Level/Bridge Connection/ 200 Level Pre-Function: PSAV is the exclusive rigging provider on the 200 Level, which includes the pre-function space and Bridge Connection. PSAV’s exclusivity does extend to all banner rods and all rig points in these areas.

Please also see the ACC Floor & Rigging Loads document for additional information.