Income-Qualified Solar Power Discount Program

Program Overview

This Program provides income-qualified residential customers with savings provided by solar energy that is produced by utility-owned solar facilities at public school sites.The Program is designed to extend the benefits of solar energy to customers who currently do not have solar energy or may not otherwise have access to the benefits of solar energy.

How It Works

Participating customers will receive a billing discount of $10 on their monthly bills.
The solar energy credit shall be allocated to Program participants for a period not to exceed six (6) months ("Participation Period"). Customers will automatically be taken off the Program at the end of the Participation Period; however, customers may reapply for the Program one-year from initial participation to participate for another Participation Period. Priority will be given to first time program participants.

This Program is based on the 30% of Orange County Median Income level, which is adjusted annually. Customers that make at or below this amount can qualify for the program.

2018 Qualifying Income Levels*

* Information per the 2018 California Department of Housing and Community Development effective June 2018. Based on 30% of the Orange County median family income (adjusted annually).
Household Size
Household Income
1 $23,000
2 $26,250
3 $29,550
4 $32,800
5 $35,450
6 $38,050
7 $40,700
8 $43,300


If you'd like to participate in the Income-Qualified Solar Power Discount Program, fill out the enrollment form (English, Spanish) and mail it to City of Anaheim Public Utilities Department, Business & Community Programs, 201 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 801, Anaheim, CA 92805. For more information, please contact or call (714) 765-4250.  

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Program Rules

Must meet all of the following conditions:
  • Be a residential electric customer or sub-metered master meter customer; 
  • Not currently receiving an energy discount through the income-qualified senior, long-term disabled, or military veteran program;
  • Submit a complete program application; and
  • Must have an income of 30% or below the Orange County median income
Frequently Asked Questions