Urban Design Collaborative

The Anaheim Urban Design Collaborative is a partnership between the Planning and Building and Community and Economic Development Departments to enhance the urban design conversation in Anaheim through visualizations and technology. Its core functions include: 

  • Urban Design Policy Development
  • Placemaking
  • Design Recommendations
  • InnovationResearch and Education

The Urban Design Collaborative is responsible for providing a range of urban design services, including conceptual architectural illustrations and design input into public and private projects, provide an ongoing design ethic, dialogue and standards within City Hall, and overall raise the standard level of design Citywide. The Collaborative team is recognized as a valued resource for bringing together principles of good urban design with innovative policy and assisting large scale planning and project efforts in maintaining a high quality design ethic to improve the quality of life in Anaheim. 

The objectives of the Urban Design Collaborative include the following:

  • Create a visual starting point for discussion on site development
  • Improved design conversations quickly using technology
  • Providing internship opportunities and developing/vetting potential future employees
  • Strengthening relationships with local universities through internships 
  • Elevating the urban design conversation

Examples of the some of the Urban Design Collaborative's work product include: 

  • Perform massing and site utilization studies for specific public and private projects
  • Test development standards and potential code recommendations
  • Generate conceptual architectural models and renderings 
  • Research design guidelines and their implications on the built form 
  • Provide design input to staff and applicants as requested
  • Improve informational materials related to development standards

To learn more about the Urban Design Collaborative and available services to the development community please contact the following staff members:

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