Property Permit Records Online

Here are the steps to accessing copies of the building, most electrical, plumbing, and/or mechanical permits associated with a particular address.
  1. View Property Permit Records Online.
  2. There are 2 methods of researching:
    • If you know the permit number or address –
      1. Click “Search Building Permits”.
      2. Enter the Street Number and Street Name and /or Building Permit number in the Case # field.
      3. Click Search.
    • To research all Building files –
      1. Click “Browse Building Files
      2. Click on "Address Files".
      3. Click on the letter file folder for the street name (e.g. Click on "A" for Anaheim Boulevard).
      4. Permit records are filed in numerical order by address number. Double-click on an address you want to research.
      5. The number of pages in the permit record will be indicated at the top of the screen. Use the blue arrows to go to the next or previous page.
      6. Click on the "Browse" tab to return to Address Files.
      7. Click on the “Home” link to return to the beginning.
Note: A limited number of viewers can access this information at the same time. If you get an error message, please try again later.

Time Frames / Status

To see the most current permits, use our time frames/status search function. Search by specific address or permit number.

Contact Us

If you cannot find what you need, please contact the Building Division at 714-765-5153, one of our Permit Technicians will be happy to assist you further.

Find more information on how to request plans for an existing building (PDF).