Renewables Portfolio Standard

Renewables Portfolio Standard Policy. 

Since 2006, the Anaheim Public Utilities Department has steadily increased the amount of renewable energy delivered to our customers. In April 2011, Senate Bill X1 2 (SBX1 2) was signed by Governor Brown requiring all utilities to meet a 33% Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) goal by 2020. In October 2015, new legislation (Senate Bill 350) was signed by Governor Brown extending the RPS, establishing escalating requirements for utilities to provide 50% of retail energy sales from renewable energy resources by 2030.    

The state’s RPS Program requires utilities to adopt and prepare a renewable energy resources procurement plan (Procurement Plan) and Enforcement Program. The Procurement Plan and Enforcement Program are together referred to as the Public Utilities RPS Policy, intended to provide a workable framework to assist the utility in achieving its goal of complying with the state’s RPS Program.