Anaheim Landscape Requirements

In Southern California, more than half of our urban water supply is used to irrigate landscapes. One of the best ways to conserve our limited resources is to make these landscapes water-efficient.

State law (Assembly Bill 1881) required that cities and counties update their water efficient landscape ordinances by January 1, 2010. In response, the city adopted a landscape water efficiency ordinance as the new Chapter 10.19 of the Anaheim Municipal Code.
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The Anaheim Guidelines provide landscape design parameters and specifications for residents, landscape professionals, developers, and contractors to follow when planning landscape projects in the city.

Ordinance Overview


The new landscape water-efficiency ordinance and guidelines apply to all of the following landscaping projects:

  • New landscape projects of at least 500 square feet or larger.
  • Rehabilitated landscapes of at least 2,500 square feet or larger.

If you have questions, please contact the Planning Department at 714-765-5139.

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