Anaheim Energy Field

Anaheim's Energy Field was a project that went to the heart of what a municipal utility is all about: serving our community, our neighborhoods and our customers – not to mention the environment.

Energy Field began as 3 acres of under-utilized, vacant land, adjacent to residential neighborhoods and a transmission line belonging to another utility. Today, it is a unique facility that has become a model for showcasing solar-powered generation of electricity, demonstrating California-friendly, water-saving technologies.
People sitting under shade structure, listening to speaker at Anaheim Energy Shield
All this is in a place where parents can bring their kids to:
  • Build family and neighborhood relationships
  • Exercise in the sun
  • Make new friends
  • Share a lunch in the shade


Energy Field evolved out of a combined planning and engineering effort by Anaheim Public Utilities and the City of Anaheim's Community Services Department. Anaheim Public Utilities staff secured a $350,000 grant to help fund the project, the maximum amount available from the California Parks Department’s Land and Water Conservation Fund.


A closer look at Energy Field reveals just how much it has to offer the surrounding community in a relatively small space. In the northeast corner are a group of 6 solar arrays, which also provide cover for the picnic tables and toddler play area – shown in the photo shading the dedication ceremonies. Integrated into the top of these shelters are solar electric panels that quietly and cleanly convert sunlight into electricity for the grid.

Water Conservation

Don't think we've forgotten about water conservation! Energy Field uses drought-tolerant landscaping and artificial turf instead of grass for the open areas. The artificial turf alone saves approximately 2.9 million gallons of water a year, enough to supply 18 typical Anaheim homes.


Finally, an educational element – in the form of a bilingual interpretive center – ties everything together and helps Energy Field visitors understand the benefits of the solar energy systems and water conservation measures used in the development of Energy Field.

Increasing Awareness

Anaheim Public Utilities hopes to increase awareness and to encourage Anaheim customers to conserve water and energy at home, to help customers be more comfortable with the use of renewable energy sources in the future, and to demonstrate the beauty and practicality of California’s native plants.