Basketball Leagues

The Anaheim Community Services Department offers basketball leagues for players 18 years and older. The leagues operate 4 seasons annually, with all teams scheduled to play a minimum of 10 games. Every season is concluded with a single elimination playoff.

For more information and to register please visit


Winter: January - March
Spring: April - June
Summer: July - September
Fall: September - December


Team Registration: $365
Deposit to Reserve Spot: $100 (remaining balance due day after second game)
Refundable Forfeit Bond: $56 (for new teams)
Weekly Official’s Fees: $28 (paid in cash at gym)

League Nights

Women’s division is offered Sundays at West Anaheim Gym and/or Downtown Anaheim Gym.

Men’s leagues are offered Tuesday at East Anaheim Gym, Wednesday at East Anaheim Gym and Ponderosa Gym and Sundays at Downtown Anaheim Gym, East Anaheim Gym, Ponderosa Gym and/or West Anaheim Gym.

Locations may change based upon gym availability and demand.

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