Economic Development / Business Retention Rate Incentive

Anaheim Public Utilities' already competitive electric rates are now even better for qualifying Anaheim businesses. Efficiency-minded commercial/industrial customers with plans to grow in our community, may be eligible for a monthly credit – starting at 15%.

Program Advantages

Should you qualify, not only will you be saving money, but you will also learn how to become more energy efficient. We will help you implement cost-effective energy-efficiency measures, most of which include money-saving incentives to help offset the incremental costs of more efficient equipment.

How It Works

Your business might be eligible if you:
  1. Are relocating your business to Anaheim, and have a projected electric demand of 150 kW or more
  2. Are expanding your existing Anaheim business operation by 150 kW or more
  3. Are considering moving your company out of Anaheim, and have a demand of 150 kW or more
  4. Are moving your business into a "Green Building" facility (including LEED certification buildings), and have a demand of 50 kW or more
When you call, our Anaheim Public Utilities specialist will work with you to determine if you qualify for this Economic Development/Retention Electric Rate incentive. If so your discount will be 15% during the 1st year, 10% during the 2nd year and 5% during the 3rd year. The discount will apply each month as a credit to your actual bill.