Heat Pump Incentives Program

The program is fully subscribed.  We are currently not accepting new applications until July 1, 2019 or as funding becomes available.  For questions, please call 714-765-4124. 

Replacing your old and inefficient Heat Pump units can save more money than you think

Incentives are available for the installation of new high-efficiency Heat Pump (HP) units replacing existing operating commercial Heat Pump units.  As your Heat Pump unit approaches or reaches its useful life expectancy of 15 years, replacing it with a new high efficient Heat Pump unit can save 40-60% on electricity compared to the existing unit.

Units Type

Units Ton Range

Efficiency Rating

Incentive Amount

Maximum Incentive

PTHP Units

≤ 2.5-Ton

20% > Minimum EER from

Title -24 standards

$100 per Ton

$50K per program

Package HP

2.0 ≤ 5.3-Ton HP

≥15 thru ≥17

$100 - $400 per Ton

$50K per program

Package HP

≥ 5.4-Ton & Greater HP

≥ 10.3 EER thru ≥ 11.5 EER

$150 - $250 per Ton

$50K per program

If you are ready to replace your old unit with a new high efficiency Heat Pump unit, please download the following information and contact us about your project. (All Projects are subject to funding availability)

Program Steps

  • Review the Incentive Rules and Restrictions and the Review the Incentive Application Process Instruction
  • Find your rebate in the Heat Pump Incentives
  • Download the Heat Pump Application (Re-name your workbook (XL) using account address and Name)
  • Please download and complete all required forms (including the tax forms - W-9 & 590)
  • Questions about the program details simply fill out our online form. A representative will contact you within 2-3 business days.