Soccer Leagues

The Anaheim Community Services Department offers the Greater Anaheim Soccer League for adult players 18 years and older and minors 16 years and older with parental consent and signed waiver. The leagues operate 3 seasons annually, with all teams scheduled to play a minimum of 14 games. Every season is concluded with a single elimination playoff.

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Spring: February - May
Summer: June - September
Fall: October - January


Team Registration: $175
Deposit to Reserve Spot: $100 (balance due by 8:00 pm Thursday following 1st game)
Player ID: $10 (per season)
Weekly Official’s Fees: $100 (first 7 games), $30 (next 7 games)

League Day/Times

Men’s leagues are offered Sundays on multiple field locations throughout Anaheim. Game times are scheduled mornings through the early evening.
GASL Finals Glover