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Public Utilities

  1. Anaheim Public Utilities Speakers Bureau Form

    This form is to be filled out by City of Anaheim employees only

  2. Electric Vehicle Concierge

    Complete this form to contact the Electric Vehicle Concierge.

  3. Feed-In Tariff Program
  4. Income-Qualified Programs Application: Energy Discount Program for Senior, Long-Term Disabled, or Military Veteran Customers Solar Program
  5. LED Buydown Notification
  6. Monthly Billing Enrollment Form
  8. Sustainable Schools Award
  9. Temporary Power Form
  10. Turf Removal Customer Assistance Program
  11. Utilities Development Series

    Thank you for your interest. To finalize your registration, fill in the fields below and submit. Please note that this opportunity is... More…

  1. Economic Development /Business Retention Rate Incentive
  2. Energy Efficiency Solutions
  3. Home Utility Checkup
  4. La Palma Complex - Email Updates Sign Up
  5. Legionella Awareness Workshop

    Learn best practices to keep your building safe from Legionella and other harmful pathogens at this free training!

  6. Residential Incentive Programs
  7. Share with the General Manager
  8. Temporary Construction Water Meter Application
  9. TreePower Program Form
  10. Upgrading Residential Panel Request Form