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Save the Anaheim Angels
 •  Save the Anaheim Angels

The Anaheim Mayor and City Council are unanimous in their strong disappointment over this recent action. They are united in insisting that the Anaheim Angels comply with the terms of their 33-year contract with the City.

An Orange County jury has found that Angels Baseball L.P. did not breach its contract with the City of Anaheim, allowing the team to continue to use two geographic locations in its name.

Throughout the trial, which began on January 9, attorneys for the City of Anaheim stated that the name change was a transparent attempt to eliminate Anaheim from the team name completely. The Angels are in the middle of a 33-year lease agreement with the City to play their home games in the City-owned stadium. The City contends that Angels Baseball L.P.'s actions breach that lease agreement, which was intended to identify Anaheim with the team so as to publicize Anaheim as a major league city throughout the nation. The Anaheim City Council and staff felt that it was important to do everything possible to prevent Anaheim from disappearing from the team name throughout the nation, a fact which is occurring on a daily basis.

Key Points

** The City of Anaheim has received overwhelming support from leaders throughout Southern California for its efforts to block the Angels from changing the team's name. The Congressional delegation from Orange and Los Angeles counties signed a joint resolution in support of the City’s efforts and mayors of all 34 cities in Orange County have signed a letter of support for Anaheim. The following cities have passed resolutions backing the City of Anaheim: Brea, Cypress, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Irvine, La Palma, Laguna Niguel, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Stanton, and Yorba Linda. In addition, the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau, Disneyland President Matt Oiumet, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles Business Council have also written statements opposing the name change.

** The current contract is clear. According to the Stadium Lease Agreement between the Angels and the City, Section 11(f), entitled "Team Name," states that "Tenant will change the name of the Team to include the name ‘Anaheim’ therein, such change to be effective no later than the commencement of the 1997 season." The redundant and confusing "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" which the Angels have proposed using also would violate the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing which the law attaches to every contract in the State of California."

** The Anaheim City Council has granted the City Attorney and special counsel to take "any and all actions necessary" to assure that the name "Anaheim" is contained in the team name of the Anaheim Angels as required by provisions of the existing stadium lease. This could include the immediate filing of a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief in the event the Angels announce a change which does not include "Anaheim."

** The name "Anaheim" is considered a "branding," "identity" and "sponsorship" of the team with/by the City, and is extremely important and valuable to Anaheim in our national and international marketing of the City. The City's largest revenue is gained through the transient occupancy tax (TOT) paid by the millions of visitors who come to Anaheim each year. The City paid for the international branding of our sports franchises to help sell the destination.

** The use of the name "Anaheim" in the team name was a major factor in the City's approval of the current lease in 1996 and the economic concessions the City of Anaheim made.

** City Manager David M. Morgan drafted a personal letter to Arte Moreno, the Anaheim Angels owner on September 11, 2003. The letter stated that in negotiating the lease "the City did not waiver in requiring the Team to be named for this City. This was, and is, a critical point for the City and a very material element in the City's decision to provide financial support ($20 million) for the Stadium remodeling and renovation efforts."

** The Anaheim Angels and the City of Anaheim have a lease agreement that lasts until 2029. There is an out clause that can be exercised before the 2017 season if the Angels are willing to pay a substantial penalty to the City.

** As the ANAHEIM Angels, the team out-drew all but two Major League Baseball franchises this season, the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The ANAHEIM Angels set an all-time (43 year) attendance record with 3,375,677 people and helped MLB set an all-time attendance record as well.

** In September, the Orange County Business Council and Cal State Fullerton's Center for Public Policy found that Orange County sports fans prefer the Angels over the Dodgers by almost a 5-1 ratio. Phil Gianos, Cal State Fullerton's professor of political science said, "The strength of the local affiliation indicates that a name change like the 'Los Angeles Angels' might have backfired in Orange County, had it occurred, by making local fans unhappy at losing a local team name designation," Gianos said.

** A winning franchise, a respected organization and a quality ballpark bring people to the stadium and increase the popularity of a team's brand. Star players, media coverage and additional revenue all follow once a team's brand is secure.

** In almost 45 years, only one Angels' franchise has won the World Series and they did it proudly wearing "Anaheim" on their jerseys. The 2002 Anaheim Angels traveled to ballparks across the nation that season, including playoff success in New York, Minneapolis and San Francisco, before earning the right to be called MLB's World Champions.

Press Releases

May 30, 2006: Anaheim City Council Votes to Appeal Angels Name Change Case

March 2, 2006: Orange County Superior Court Judge Denies Anaheim's Request for Injunction in Angels Case

February 9, 2006: Orange County Jury Finds In Favor Of The Angels In Name Change Case

January 4, 2006: Superior Court Judge Denies Angels' Request for Gag Order in Name Change Case

June 28, 2005: Opinion Shows Divided Court in Anaheim's Case Against Angels Baseball, L.P.

June 27, 2005: Court of Appeal Denies Anaheim's Request in Case Against Angels Baseball, L.P.

March 15, 2005: Court of Appeal Orders Anaheim Angels to Show Cause Why Request for Preliminary Injunction Should not be Granted

February 28, 2005: Anaheim Appeals Denial of Preliminary Injunction in Case Against Angels Baseball, L.P.

February 16, 2005: Anaheim Advised by Panel of Preeminent Trial Lawyers to Continue Case Against Angels Baseball, L.P.

January 21, 2005: Anaheim Denied Prelimanary Injunction Against Angels Baseball L.P.

January 19, 2005: Los Angeles City Attorney Files Legal Brief in Support of Anaheim's Position Against Angels Baseball L.P.

January 7, 2005: Judge Sets Date for Preliminary Hearing in Anaheim's Case Against Angels Baseball, L.P.

January 5, 2005: City of Anaheim Files Complaint for Breach of Contract Against Angels Baseball, L.P.

December 9, 2004: Anaheim Kicks Off Community Outreach Campaign to Encourage the Anaheim Angels to "Keep the Name the Same"

November 19, 2004: Southern California Legislators, Fans Unite Against Anaheim Angels Name Change

November 18, 2004: Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez - Statement on Saving the Anaheim Angels

November 16, 2004: Anaheim City Council Challenges Major League Baseball and Anaheim Angels to Drop Proposed Name Change

November 15, 2004: City of Anaheim and Anaheim Angels Meet Regarding Stadium Lease


1/05/2006 - Motion for Gag Order
1/05/2006 - Opposition to Motion for Gag Order
6/27/2005 - Court of Appeal Decision PDF
2/28/2005 - Petition of Writ of Mandamus
1/20/2005 - Anaheim's Reply Memorandum in Support of Request for Preliminary Injunction
Additional Court Declarations - Ruth, Doti and Tavares
Los Angeles Legal Brief in Support of Anaheim's Position Against Angels Baseball L.P.
Legal Complaint Case #05CC01902
Ex Parte Application
Temporary Restraining Order
Curt Pringle Declaration
Additional Declarations

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