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Annex Information F.A.Q.
Garza Island Annexation Information


What is being annexed?
The area currently under consideration for annexation is roughly bounded by Broadway to the north, Gilbert to the west, Katella to the south and Brookhurst to the east. This area has become known as the Garza island named after Garza Avenue in the southernmost portion of the island. The island area is roughly 495 acres and is currently served by the County of Orange. After annexation, the City of Anaheim would provide municipal services to the area. For more information on the service changes, please see the Service Chart for specific information.


Why is my community being annexed?
Your community has been identified as one of several unincorporated islands that fall within the City of Anaheim's boundaries. Following the 1994 bankruptcy, the County of Orange initiated a restructuring plan of County government and assessed its approach to providing services. The analysis resulted in the determination that providing municipal, city-level services to unincorporated islands was too costly. The County realized that it is more efficient to have the surrounding cities provide services directly to the residents, which would result in higher level of local services for the island residents.


What is an island?
A pocket of land that is not in any city's boundaries. An island is governed by the County and not by the city that surrounds it, which often creates inefficiencies in the delivery of local government services.


Who is LAFCO?
The Local Agency Formation Commission is a regulatory agency with county-wide jurisdiction, established by state law to discourage urban sprawl. In a collaborative effort, LAFCO will be assisting the County of Orange and the City of Anaheim with transitioning the unincorporated islands from county to city jurisdiction.


How will annexation affect island residents?
In many cases, the average resident will not experience much change at all. Residents, once annexed, will begin to receive services from the City of Anaheim. Many of the services you currently receive such as cable television, electric and gas, sewer, water and trash will continue to be provided by the same provider. However, some services actually will be charged at a reduced fee.


Will I be notified of future public hearings on island annexations?
Absolutely. All residents will be notified by mail about the time and location of any public meeting or workshop pertaining to annexation of your specific area. Currently, three public meetings have been scheduled, with representatives from the County of Orange, City of Anaheim and LAFCO attending. Meeting Schedule


Will island residents have the right to vote and protest?
Prior to being annexed into the City of Anaheim, residents will be able to voice their concerns at numerous public meetings. The City of Anaheim as well as the County of Orange are very interested in working with area residents to address their concerns and identify how annexation might benefit your community.


Will annexation increase my taxes?
No, property taxes are fixed at a constant rate set by the State in accordance with Proposition 13, passed by the voters in 1978. This rate does not change and property taxes are not affected by annexation.


If annexed, will my street address change?
No. Anaheim is interested in maintaining street addresses as they are. We recognize the inconvenience a change in address may bring and we are opposed to further inconveniencing residents.


How will Code Enforcement be handled?
The City's Code enforcement staff only responds if a complaint has been issued. There will not be pro-active code enforcement within your community. If you are found in violation of a City code, you will be given numerous notifications by letter before any action is taken. Any construction that has taken place prior to be annexed will be grandfathered, assuming that the original construction was in compliance with County codes and regulations.


How do I stay informed with what is happening in Anaheim?
Anaheim Magazine is delivered quarterly to every household in Anaheim and serves as one of the main sources of communication between the city and our community. The publication includes city news, recreation classes and program schedules, cable changes, library events, city park locations, recycling and energy update programs, as well as new businesses.


Why does Anaheim want this area to be part of the City?
The City of Anaheim was approached by the County  regarding the current inefficiencies in government services to the island area.  The County has stated that they are "getting out of the municipal services business" and since Anaheim surrounds the island area on three sides, it is the logical entity to provide needed municipal services such as police, fire, street sweeping, etc.  Furthermore, the City of Anaheim has stated that annexing this area is a better and wiser use of government resources and will provide resources and benefits to the island residents far easier than the County has been able to in the past.


Will the name change of the Anaheim Angels or the resort have an affect on the annexation?
The City of Anaheim will continue to receive funds from the Anaheim Angels, and revenue has not been affected by the change of the team’s name. Furthermore, City residents are in effect stockholders of the Anaheim Resort. When the resort does well, the “dividends” received by the City are used to improve neighborhoods and services throughout Anaheim.