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Anaheim Affordable Housing Strategic Plan

1. The city shall establish a goal of 1,328 new affordable family rental housing units to be developed in the City of Anaheim over the next four years.

a. A minimum of 33% of these units shall be affordable to low income households and another 33% of these units shall be affordable to very low income households (based upon county AMI.)
b. Whenever low or very low units are removed as part of a city project, the equivalent number of units shall be added to the following year’s targeted number.
c. Units can only be counted toward these goals, upon a signed agreement between the city and the developer or when building permits are pulled, whichever comes first.

2. Zoning/Building practices shall enhance the development of additional affordable housing.

a. Staff will explore and bring back to City Council a new density bonus ordinance to encourage low and very low housing unit development.
b. The city shall continue to review the oppertunity to facilitate the conversion of motel units and/or the replacement of the motel units with affordable rental units.  This conversion ordinance shall be used at limited motel sites. 
c. Staff shall prepare a mixed use overlay for targeted areas which requires an affordability component.  This new overlay zone shall be applied to areas with access to mass transit.
d. Low/very low affordable housing development shall get priority review and plan check.

3. Additional staffing support shall be provided to the issue of affordable housing.

a. The City Manager shall assign the Deputy City Manager to oversee and be responsible for full implementation of the Anaheim Affordable Housing Strategic Plan.
b. A Motel Family/Homeless Housing Coordinator position shall be established, which will oversee direct interaction with motel families in transition support to permanent housing.  In addition, this position will coordinate with other non-profit, social service providers to maximize these functions

4. Community Development staff shall have a priority to develop affordable housing.

a. Each new property purchased by the Agency for affordable housing use, shall be put out to bid to for-profit and not for-profit developers at the earliest possible time unless otherwise directed by the City Council.
b. Establish a timeline within which city-owned sites must be put within the development process.
c. The Community Development Department shall provide a Quarterly Progress Report on all affordable housing projects, including property and property acquisition efforts.

5. Funding options need to be explored to provide additional affordable housing financing and support.

a. The city shall move forward with expanding the life of the Redevelopment Project Areas, and establish from this year forward the use of 30% of property tax increment funding for the use of affordable housing.
b. Negotiate with Orange County HCD for affordable housing funding for Anaheim.
c. The first $100,000 of TOT’s collected from motels, where 50% or more of the units serve tenants who occupy those units for more than 29 consecutive days shall be set aside to fund the Motel Family Coordinator position or equivalent funds from the General Fund.

6. Require City Council annual review of the Anaheim Affordable Housing Strategic Plan and a vote in August of each preceding year on a new four year plan.

a. The Plan will be presented to the Council each year, with a complete staff report, which will establish specific and measurable goals, for the Council to take affirmative action on adopting a new four year strategic plan.

(Updated October 3, 2006)