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Current Environmental Documents

Below is a listing of environmental documents online for public review. Please select the Project (below) for the link to the document's page.

You can also access online Public Utilities: Environmental Documents.

Project NameProject LocationContact
Anaheim Way General Plan Amendment and Zone ChangeThe 7 acre property is located at 1710-1730 S. Anaheim Way, approximately 530 feet south of the centerline of Anaheim Blvd.Elaine Thienprasiddhi
(714) 765-4568
1825 W. Orange Avenue Residential ProjectRezone the property from Transitional (T) to Single-Family and approve a Tentative Tract Map to allow the construction of 37 single famly homes on a 5.7-acre propertyVanessa Norwood
(714) 765-4934
Ball Road/Sunkist Street Intersection ImprovementsThe project site is located at the intersection of Ball Road and Sunkist Street, within the central portion of the City of AnaheimWilliam Grigsby
(714) 765-5100 ext. 5474
Ball Road Basin Park ProjectThe site is bounded by the Santa Ana River to the east, Ball Road and the Burris Basin to the north across Ball Road, the Union Pacific Railroad to the south, and South Phoenix Club Drive to the west.Pamela Galera
(714) 765-4463

Servite High School expansion project

The 14.5-acre Servite High School campus is located at 1952 West La Palma Avenue and the five residential properties to be incorporated into the campus are located at 934-954 N. Keystone Street

David See
(714) 765-4948

Disney's Nigel Cast Parking Lot

This 10.68-acre property is located at 333 West Ball Road, at the northeast corner of Ball Road and Harbor Boulevard

Jonathan Borrego
(714) 765-5016

Anaheim Canyon Specific Plan Project

The Anaheim Canyon Specific Plan (ACSP) area encompasses approximately 2,600 acres in the northern portion of the City of Anaheim, roughly bounded on the north by Orangethorpe Avenue, on the south by the Santa Ana River, on the east by Imperial Highway (State Route 90), and on the west by the Orange Freeway (SR-57).

Susan Kim,
(714) 765-4958

Ball Road Basin General Plan Amendment and Zone Change

The site is bounded by the Santa Ana River to the east, Ball Road and the Burris Basin to the north across Ball Road, the Union Pacific Railroad to the south, and South Phoenix Club Drive to the west.

Susan Kim,
(714) 765-4958

Uptown Village

Northwest corner of Anaheim Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue

Scott Koehm,
(714) 765-5395

Brookhurst Street Improvement Project from SR-91 to I-5 (Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration)

Brookhurst Street Improvement Project from SR-91 to I-5 (Environmental Assessment:)

Brookhurst Street from SR-91 to I-5

Tiberius Rosu,
(714) 765-4113

Housing Opportunities Sites Rezoning Project


Susan Kim,
(714) 765-4958

Honda Center Enhancement Project

This 42.61 acre site is located at 2695 East Katella Avenue.

Susan Kim,
(714) 765-4958

Tustin Avenue and La Palma Avenue Roadway Improvement Project

The project site is approximately 2,200 feet on Tustin Avenue from the 91 freeway to Eagle Drive; also along La Palma 800 feet in either direction of the Tustin Avenue intersection.

Joann Wu,
(714) 765-5176, x5157

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)

The approximate 16 acre ARTIC site is located south of Katella Avenue, east of State Route 57 and Douglass Road, and west of the Santa Ana River.

Jamie Lai
(714) 765-5049

Amendment No. 14 to the Anaheim Resort Specific PlanThe 581.3-acre Project Site is located generally west of Interstate 5 (I-5), south of Vermont Avenue, east of Walnut Street, and north of Chapman Avenue. The Project Site is located in an urban, developed area of the City of Anaheim that is developed with the Anaheim Convention Center and a mix of hotels, retail stores, restaurants and other visitor-serving usesSusan Kim
(714) 765-4958
The Revised Platinum Triangle Expansion ProjectThe approximate 820-acre Platinum Triangle is located generally east of the I-5, west of the Santa Ana River Channel and SR-57 Freeway, south of the Southern California Edison easement, and north of the Anaheim City limit.Susan Kim
(714) 765-4958
Height Variance Request for Retaining Walls on a Single Family Residential LotThis .45-acre site is located at 7630 East Corto RoadAndy Nogal