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Well Destruction is Important

Improperly abandoned wells have the potential to allow near-surface contaminants to migrate deeper into high-quality drinking water aquifers.  Once a drinking water aquifer is contaminated, it is extremely expensive to clean it up.  Therefore, Anaheim, which relies heavily on the groundwater basin for its water supply, has taken a number of actions to help prevent abandoned wells from negatively impacting groundwater quality.

1. A well permit program has been established to track all well installations. When wells are no longer needed for their intended purpose, the well owner is required to properly destroy the well.  Click here to access the well permit webpage.
2. The City’s public nuisance abatement procedures allow the City to destroy an abandoned well and place a lien on the property to recover abatement costs.
3. Two groundwater protection grants have been obtained by the Public Utilities Department to destroy abandoned wells where no responsible party could be located.  In total, 18 wells were destroyed using State funding through these two grants.

If any resident is aware of an abandoned well in Anaheim, please notify the Environmental Specialist at 714.765-4166, or mnewland@anaheim.net.

Updated 10/2/14