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Green Building - The Simple Facts

In recent years, Anaheim has established a reputation as a "freedom friendly" city. Our reputation evolved because we offer our residents and businesses greater choices, greater opportunities to succeed and greater freedom to define and create their own slice of the American Dream. Our efforts not only apply to Anaheim residents and businesses, but also to building and land development partners. Our Green Connection programs are no exception. Here are the basic facts about Green Building.

Sustainable Sites

Careful attention to site selection takes into consideration such future needs as access to public transportation, parking capacity, accommodation for alternative fuel vehicles, protection or restoration of open space, storm water management, and prevention of the heat island effect and light pollution.

Water Efficiency

Water-efficient landscapes, water-efficient equipment and appliances, and innovative wastewater technologies are employed to reduce costs, help preserve water supplies and prevent pollution.

Energy Efficiency

Green building incorporates a variety of energy-efficiency measures such as use of daylighting, renewable energy, superior insulation, and high-efficiency appliances and equipment.

Cleaner Atmosphere

Reduction of greenhouse gas and CFC in HVAC and refrigeration to preserve and protect the environment are examples of important elements of green building.

Wiser Use of Materials and Resources

All materials used in construction should provide the best value in terms of the life of the product and future maintenance costs. At the same time, materials must be selected with environmental concerns in mind. Green builders consider not only the finished products they will use in construction, but also the methods of raw material acquisition, product manufacturing, packaging, transportation and use. Green building also means being conscious of waste management. Recycling and reusing materials when practical helps prevent the overuse of landfills.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Green buildings provide good indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics and temperature control for the health and comfort of inhabitants. This requires the use of environmentally-friendly building materials and innovative designs, with special attention to the ventilation, insulation, and heating and air-conditioning systems.

We strongly urge individuals and developers to contact Anaheim Public Utilities at 714.765.4182 to learn more about Green Building and the Anaheim Green Connection. We are anxious to meet with you early in the design phase of your project. We also welcome your e-mails, and are happy to offer more information on specific Green Building issues, rebates and incentives. In most cases, we can also offer additional savings through one or several of our Advantage Services energy and water efficiency programs. In addition, we are willing to discuss creative opportunities for partnerships that may result in sustainable development here in Anaheim.