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Property and Evidence Bureau

The Property and Evidence Bureau is in charge of storing property and evidence within the department.  Below is a list of instructions on how to obtain property which has been stored for safekeeping or evidence.  The Property Bureau can be reached at (714)765-1849 for any further questions.  The Property Bureau is open for releases Wednesday-Thursday, 1500-1730 hours, except on holidays.  Please read below for specific information on both Currency and Firearms.


You MUST contact the investigator assigned to the case and request a release.   If the investigator authorizes the release, you can contact the Evidence Bureau  (714)765-1849, for an appointment.  You must have your report number and valid photo ID when picking up your property. (Firearms and Cash held as evidence included).

(See Firearms/Safekeeping procedures for releasing guidelines)

(See Cash/Currency/Safekeeping procedures for releasing guidelines)

*Evidence can only be claimed by the person named on the release.  Letters will NOT be accepted.



*Property MUST be claimed within 60 days or it will be destroyed. 

In order to retrieve items being held as Safekeeping, the owner must present a valid photo ID. 

The owner can designate another person to pick up the property for them; however, the designated person must have a signed letter authorizing them to pick up the property.  The letter must include the name of the person authorized to pick up the property,  description of the property, case number, and the signature of the property owner (signed and printed).  In addition, the authorized person picking up the evidence MUST  have a valid photo ID.

*Cash will only be returned to the owner; unless otherwise specified by the officer or assigned detective.



There are specific guidelines/procedures for firearms—NO EXCEPTIONS!

Firearm inquiries contact:

Joseph Hockenberry  (714)  765-1706