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Family Crimes Unit

Working Together Making a Difference


1 Sergeant
7 Detectives
2 Police Victim Advocate
1 Adult Protective Services Staff
1 Children & Family Services Staff
1 Domestic Violence Assistance Program Staff
1 CalWorks Staff
+ Additional Support Staff


The Family Crimes Detail is located at the Anaheim Family Justice Center.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: 150 W. Vermont Ave., Anaheim, CA 92805
Phone: (714) 765-1645
FAX: (714) 765-1626
Detail Sergeant Phone: (714) 765-1927
Victim Advocates: (714) 765-1625 / 765-1627

The Family Crimes Detail has the responsibility of investigating offenses related to:

  • All Domestic Violence Related Incidents
  • Child Abuse Investigations (physical)
  • Elder Abuse Cases
  • Missing Juvenile Incidents
  • Child Abduction/Stealing/Kidnapping
  • Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
  • Criminal Threats (Domestic Violence related or on the phone)
  • Disturbances
  • Lewd/Annoying Phone Calls
  • Missing Persons
  • Stalking (Domestic Violence related)
  • Violations of Court Orders

In our effort to be more responsive and available to the needs of the community, police detectives, advocates, and other staff personnel work at the Anaheim Family Justice Center jointly with other service agencies. These partner agencies include Child and Family Services, Adult Protective Services, CalWorks (financial aid), Chapman Law School Legal Clinic, CSP Domestic Violence Assistance Program, and several women’s shelters.

The investigation of domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse is very challenging. Detectives assigned to this detail meet rigid selection criteria and are highly trained.

The Family Crimes Detail also handles cases involving missing juveniles (usually runaways), court order violations, and annoying phone calls.


Child Abuse Services Team (C.A.S.T.)

Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) is a partner agency that provides a multi-disciplinary team program for conducting child abuse investigations at a single site. CAST's coordinated-on-site services have enabled social services, law enforcement, deputy district attorneys, medical providers, and therapists to collaborate on investigations. Thus, investigations are completed in a more timely, thorough and consistent manner. This benefits both the child and their family during the investigation of child abuse. The child-focused and friendly environment at CAST serves to further reduce the trauma for these children. CAST is a place where they can play comfortably and non-offending parents receive immediate support from experienced staff and volunteers. Children can be brought to CAST only after a report of suspected maltreatment has been made to a child protective agency. In Orange County, both the Department of Children and Family Services within the Orange County Social Services Agency and law enforcement agencies and police departments are considered child protective agencies. For more information, visit the website at http://www.oc.ca.gov/cast.

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Child Abuse

Orange County Child Abuse Registry (714) 940-1000 (24 hrs)

You may use the Child Abuse Registry to report any case of suspected child abuse anonymously 24 hrs a day.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Tips to Parents

A Parents Guide for Preventing Child Abduction

Teen Dating and Violence Brochure
Teen Date.pdf

Elder Abuse
Orange County Adult and Elder Abuse Hotline (714) 566-3116

Domestic Violence
Every 15 seconds a woman is beaten...How can someone escape the violence?

Shelter Information

Women’s Transitional Living Center Hotline (714) 992-1931
Interval House Hotline (714) 891-8121
Human Options Hotline (949) 854-3554
Safety Net (Motel Housing) (714) 839-6199
O.C. Human Services Department-Crisis Intervention (800) 660-4232
Hospitality House (714) 542-9576

Emergency Resources

Crystal Cathedral (Food Bank) (714) 971-4000
Salvation Army (Food and Shelter) (800) 725-2769


Legal Aid Society of Orange County 800 834-5001
Lawyer’s Referral Service (O.C. Bar Association) (714) 687-1681
Domestic Violence Assistance Program (714) 935-7956
Temporary Restraining Order Information (714) 973-0134


O.C. Social Services (Welfare) (714) 541-7700
Law Enforcement Assistance Program Victim/Witness (714) 773-4575


U.C.I. Medical Center (Emergency Treatment) (714) 456-5705

Counseling/Support Groups

Marriage and Family Counseling-O.C. Mental Health (714) 834-4722
(Crisis intervention, individual & group therapy, alcohol and drug programs)

Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline (714) 556-4555

Al-Anon/Alateen (714) 748-1113

Narcotics Anonymous (714) 776-8581

Crisis Intervention Services (24 hours) (800) 999-9999

Suicide Prevention Hotline (800) 255-6111

Web Resources

Anaheim Family Justice Center


Community Service Program, Inc. (C.S.P.)

Info Link Orange County

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Orange County District Attorney's Office

California Attorney General- Office of Victim Services

California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board

Office for Victim's of Crime (OCV)

National Center for Victims of Crime

National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)

Orange County Social Services

National Criminal Justice Reference Service