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The Anaheim/Orange County Walk of Stars is a place of prominence where many great legacies are honored for their achievements and contributions to Anaheim and the surrounding Orange Country area. The Walk of Stars is located in the Anaheim Resort District where visitors to Anaheim and Disneyland may admire the walkway adorned with stars. Each star is a solid granite block that is approximately 36 inches wide and 36 inches long and engraved with the name and achievement of each recipient.

A star on the Anaheim/Orange County Walk of Stars marks a milestone for those who receive one. Star recipients include but are not limited to: athletes, entertainers, authors, composers, community leaders, and those who have contributed time and energy to improving Orange County. Current stars on the Anaheim Walk of Stars include Monsignor John Sammon, Gene Autry, sports and entertainment legend Walt Disney, Carl and Margaret Karcher, the founders of Carl’s Jr. restaurants, Henry and Susan Samueli of the Anaheim Ducks, the Taormina family of Clean City, Inc., and the Yorba Family.