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Crime Statistics & Calls for Service


The Anaheim Police Department is proud to provide our citizens with information concerning our crime statistics and calls for service.  However, we cannot provide any statements or opinions regarding how “safe” a neighborhood or area may be.  We provide the statistics and calls for service in your neighborhood for our citizens to make an informed decision about their area and to be aware of any changes that may be occurring.  If you have concerns about crime in your neighborhood, we welcome you to contact our Crime Prevention Specialists for assistance.

 Crime Statistics in Your Neighborhood:

The Anaheim Police Department collects crime information on a monthly basis and submits the statistics to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI. Most police agencies participate in the Uniform Crime Reporting system to maintain consistency in reporting certain crimes. The crimes that are required for collection are called "Part I Crimes". Part I Crimes include: Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary (Residential and Commercial), Larceny/Theft (including Vehicle Burglary), and Automobile Theft.


If you are interested in viewing the crime statistics for your neighborhood, we have provided a breakdown of crime by Reporting District in the city.  The city is broken down by Reporting District to help track crime statistics and patrol the neighborhoods more effectively.  Click here for a map of our “reporting districts” to determine which reporting district you are interested in.  Once you have done that, click here to view the most current statistics that correspond to that area.  You may also click here for the many options available on receiving crime statistics.


2013 Crime Statistics by RD

2014 Crime Statistics by RD

 Review or Request Calls for Service Information:

The Anaheim Police Department records all calls received by a citizen at a particular location.  These calls range from non-criminal issues (parking issues, traffic accidents, medical aid, etc) to criminal issues (burglary reports, theft, etc).  If you are interested in receiving calls for service at a particular address, click here for the many options available.  Our Records Department will process your request as quickly as possible.