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Welcome to City Hall

Certain City facilities have reserved parking designated specifically for City Council Members. Those facilities are:

City Hall – On the second level in the green “reserved parking” spaces adjacent to the pedestrian bridge.

Convention Center – the VIP parking lot is located north and adjacent to the Hilton Hotel on the east side of the Convention Center Way. The Convention Center General Manager provides each Council Member with a magnetic strip entrance card for use of this lot.

Edison International Field of Anaheim – At the beginning of the season hang tags will be issued to Council Members to allow access to the Stadium through the Orangewood entrance gate. Designated Council Member spaces are located in front of Gate 1 in the parking lot.

Honda Center – VIP parking for the City Council suite is located in front of the main entrance (south side). Each Council Member is issued a hangtag for display when attending events.

Scheduling Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are scheduled through the Council Services Coordinator by calling 765-5247. Conference Rooms in City Hall are available to Council Members who wish to conduct City-related business at City Hall.

Scheduling for the Gordon Hoyt Conference Room, located at City Hall West, involves a set-up charge for large groups. This conference room can be configured for groups of 60 or more and is available for a fee to outside groups.

City Council Office Space

Council Members are issued an office for the sole purpose of conducting City business.

Staff assistance, telephones, faxes, and miscellaneous office supplies are available as needed. Personal phone calls can be made from the City office or cell phone, but must be reimbursed to the City.


The Council Services Coordinator provides staff support to the Mayor and City Council. This position works closely with City Manager’s Office staff and City Department Heads to ensure support services for the Mayor and City Council are completed in a professional and expeditious manner. Services include:


  • All public documents regarding City business are forwarded to all City Council Members for their information/response (correspondence, fax, telephone, press inquiries, etc.).
  • A tracking system is in place that ensures responses by staff to citizen inquires.
  • Mail is also reviewed for key points of interest or request for Council action.


  • A public telephone number for the Mayor and City Council is answered during normal work hours by a live person and all appropriate messages are forwarded to the Mayor/City Council. That public number is 765-5247.
  • When complaints are received, in most cases they are forwarded to the appropriate department for resolution. The Council Services Coordinator ensures staff follow-up is provided in a timely manner.

Meetings & Events

  • The Council Services Coordinator coordinates the schedule of each Council member to ensure that official duties and responsibilities can be carried out without conflicting with outside/private meeting appointments.
  • Forwards any invitations, public appearances, presentations, etc., to all Council Members.
  • Coordinates all logistics regarding attendance at events.
  • Obtains pertinent information on issues relating to Council participation on outside Boards and Commissions (i.e., Orange County Transportation Authority, League of California Cities, Orange County Water District, etc.).


  • The Council Services Coordinator composes formal documents for special recognition for events or individuals, (i.e., Proclamations and Declarations of Appreciation). Requests are screened to assure that recipients meet certain criteria.
  • The Council Services Coordinator drafts City business correspondence according to an individual Council Member’s writing style.

Special Projects

  • The Council Services Coordinator coordinates Sister Cities activities in addition to selection and purchase of official City gifts. Official City gifts are available to Council Members for other appropriate City events such as presentations to Federal and State representatives, visiting dignitaries, or other high-profile visitations.
  • The Council Services Coordinator greets visiting dignitaries or other visitors to the Office of the Mayor and City Council and screens all visitors seeking access to City Council Members.

What the Council Services Coordinator Cannot Do

  • There are legal restrictions in using City staff on political campaigns, private or public non-profit charity solicitations. For concise definitions of acceptability, contact the City Attorney.