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Anaheim Housing Authority 

Apply for Section 8 Rental Assistance



The Anaheim Housing Authority waiting list is always open and accepts applications on a continuous basis.




Who Is Eligible for Section 8 Assistance



  • Qualify as a Family.  A family may be a single person or a group of persons.  A “family” includes a  family with or without a child or children.  A group of two or more elderly persons or disabled persons living together, or one or more elderly or disabled persons living with one or more live-in aides is a family.  A family also includes two or more persons who intend to share residency whose income and resources are available to meet the family’s needs.  AHA determines if any other group qualifies as a family.


  • Citizenship Requirements:  Individuals must be a U.S. Citizens, or noncitizens with eligible status.


  • Income Limits


To qualify for the program, a household’s gross annual income must be at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI), for family size.  75% of new admissions to the program must have gross annual incomes at or below below 30% of AMI.


Family Size               30% of AMI                50% of AMI


                        1                      $19,550                      $32,550

                        2                      $22,300                      $37,200

                        3                      $25,100                      $41,850

                        4                      $27,900                      $46,500

                        5                      $30,150                      $50,200

                        6                      $32,350                      $53,950

                        7                      $34,600                      $57,650

                        8                      $36,850                      $61,400



  • Additional Eligibility Information


    • All family members age 18 and over must sign a Criminal Consent form to authorize the release of criminal history information to the Housing Authority.
    • Federal regulations prohibit assisting registered sex offenders.
    • All family members age six and over must submit social security numbers if they have been issued one, birth certificates and valid California driver’s licenses/CA identification card for all applicants age 18 and older.



 Local Preference



While the AHA waiting list is open to all  applicants, preference in selecting families for assistance is given to persons who live or work in Anaheim. This is called a "residency preference" . The average waiting time for persons who qualify for the residence preference is about 3 to 5 years. This is only an estimate. Waiting times vary based on available funding and can be longer than the estimate provided.


In addition, within the live or work preference, veterans and surviving  spouses of veterans are also given a preference.  Persons who qualify for both the residency and veterans preference may experience a shorter waiting period, depending on available funding.



How to Apply for Section 8 Rental Assistance



Pick up pre-application at the Housing Authority or CLICK HERE to download and print this document. We will have the application availible online in the future. Once you have your application:


Complete the pre-application and mail to: 


Anaheim Housing Authority

            P.O. Box 3222

            Anaheim, CA  92803-9987 




Return the pre-application in person to:

            Anaheim Housing Authority

            201 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 203

            Anaheim, CA  92805


After the Housing Authority receives your pre-application and enters it into its computer database, you will receive a confirmation letter acknowledging receipt of your  pre-application and  informing you of the account number assigned to your application.  Please  keep your account number in a safe place, as it is much easier to locate your pre-application if you have the account number available when you call the Housing Authority for  a status update or a change in your pre-application.


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