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East Anaheim / Anaheim Hills Information


June, 2009

On May 28, 2009, Police Chief John Welter recognized three members of the East Anaheim/Anaheim Hills community at the annual Anaheim Police Awards & Retirement Ceremony.  Joan Dornbach, Kelly Dyer and Ava Fenalla were presented with certificates and awards at the evening ceremony held at The Grove of Anaheim in front of a crowd of 400 attendees.

Chief Welter and Kelly DyerKelly Dyer was awarded the Community Member Recognition Award for her work and assistance during the rash of vehicle and residential burglaries in the Anaheim Hills area during the early part of this year.  Kelly was instrumental in warning residents through the distribution of emails. Her messages not only reached other east Anaheim community members, but also members of the police department and the media.  Her work on combating crime was the catalyst for having one of the highest attended community meetings ever held by the Anaheim Police Department.   Through the work of the police and community working together, many criminals were apprehended and the number of burglaries was significantly reduced within a few short weeks. Equally important, through the outlets Kelly used, many more crime and victims were prevented.  Kelly is commended for her efforts and her willingness to get involved. She made a difference!

Chief Welter, Ava Fanella, and Joan Dornbach
Ava Fanella and Joan Dornbach were also awarded the Community Member Recognition Awards for their involvement in the same rash or crimes. Both Ava and Joan attended the highly attended community meeting to learn more about the burglaries and how they could protect themselves from falling victim. Two weeks after attending the community meeting, Joan and Ava were out for an early morning walk and saw an unfamiliar van in their neighborhood. They obtained the license plate and contacted area Crime Prevention Specialist Arleen Harris. Within a few days, Crime Task Force investigators located the van in Placentia. The investigators found evidence connecting the four occupants to hundreds of burglaries and thefts throughout Southern California. The suspects were arrested and are now facing serious felony charges. 

The Anaheim Police Department extends its sincere appreciation to Kelly, Ava and Joan.