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Central Anaheim Information


June, 2009

On May 28, 2009, Police Chief John Welter recognized a member of the central Anaheim community at the annual Anaheim Police Awards & Retirement Ceremony.  Pam Koelker was presented with a certificate and award at the evening ceremony held at “The Grove of Anaheim” in front of a crowd of 400 attendees.

Chief Welter and Pam VolekerPam Voleker was awarded the Community Member Recognition Award for her crime prevention efforts. Pam is a homeowner in the Central District and grew tired of the crime increasing in her neighborhood.  She began working with the Central District Community Policing Team and reported suspicious activity in her neighborhood.  Officers acted on her information and made several arrests of key individuals causing problems.  Pam encouraged her neighbors to become active and also report suspicious activity. Her willingness to take a stand became contagious.  Soon, several of her neighbors called and reported criminal activity and additional arrests were made in the neighborhood.  As a result of Pam’s actions, the neighborhood has seen a drastic decrease in criminal activity.

Pam continues to stay involved and is a member of her community association. She regularly attends the Central District Neighborhood Council Meetings and stays informed about the issues in her neighborhood. Pam is an excellent example of the community support and involvement partnership police departments needs to be effective.

The Anaheim Police Department is proud to recognize Ms. Pam Voelker with the Community Member Recognition Award.