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Public Power Week

Anaheim Public Utilities celebrated Public Power Week 2009 with members of the community at the Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market on October 8. The event included an outdoor staff/public briefing, equipment displays, aerial bucket rides, energy efficiency information and prizes.


Members of Anaheim Public Utilities Electric System management team described their roles in delivering reliable, economical electric services to the community at an outdoor department staff meeting, which also included members of the public, as part of Public Power Week 2009 celebration in Anaheim.   From left: Manny Robledo, Electric Operations Manager; Dennis Schmidt, Electric Systems Manager; Peter Wong, Substation and Automation Engineering Manager; Mark Ward, Assistant General Manager – Electric Services;  Steve Sciortino, Integrated Resources Manager; Joseph Wei, Power Systems Planning Manager; and Dukku Lee, Transmission and Distribution Manager.

One of the most popular attractions for kids and adults, employees and customers at Anaheim’s Public Power Week celebration was to take in the view from atop the 60-foot aerial bucket mounted on a utility line service truck.

An efficiency-minded Anaheim customer takes advantage of the Public Power Week to sign up for a Home Utility Checkup – an important first step in understanding how water and electricity are being used in her home and how Anaheim Public Utilities can help her save energy, water and money on future utility bills.

One of younger owners of Anaheim’s municipal, not-for-profit, 115 year old electric utility joined in her utility’s Public Power Week 2009 celebration along with hundreds of her fellow owners from the community.