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Hazardous Materials Business Plans

The purpose of a Hazardous Materials Business Plan is to assist in reducing a release or threatened release of hazardous materials and to minimize any potential harm to emergency response personnel, workers, the public and the environment.  The five components of this plan are:

·         Business Activities

·         Business Owner/Operator Identification

·         Hazardous Materials Inventory

·         Emergency/Contingency Plan

·         Site Map

Businesses that handle a hazardous material at any time during the year are required to establish, maintain and implement a Hazardous Materials Business Plan if the hazardous material is equal to or greater than:

  • 55 gallons of a liquid
  • 200 cubic feet of a gas
  • 500 pounds of a solid
  • TPQ for an Extremely Hazardous Substance
  • Federal thresholds of radioactive materials

A copy of the business’ Hazardous Materials Business Plan must be submitted to the HMS.  This information assists the Anaheim Fire Department and the business in planning for and mitigating emergencies involving hazardous materials.  Hazardous materials inventories are available for public review through the department’s record search procedure under Community-Right-to-Know laws.

Laws and Regulations Pertaining to the Business Emergency Plan Program

Federal - Superfund Amendments and Re-Authorization Act (SARA Title III), Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations State - California Health & Safety Code, Chapter 6.95, Art. 1 and California Code of Regulations, Title 19

Links – www.oes.ca.gov   http://www2.epa.gov/regulatory-information-sector