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Risk Watch: Did you know...
Firefighter with childDo you know what the number one health risk for children under the age of 14 is ? Kidnapping? Drugs? Disease?

According to the National SAFE KIDS CAMPAIGN, the number one health risk facing school age kids today is from an unintentional injury.

Risk watch is a comprehensive injury prevention program designed for children ages pre-school through eight grade. Risk watch is designed to give children information on how to prevent injuries and how to apply that knowledge in making positive choices in their lives. This program has identified eight risk factors facing our children today. These include:

  • kids with firefightersMotor vehicle safety
  • Fire and burn prevention
  • Choking, suffocation and strangulation prevention
  • Poisoning prevention
  • Falls prevention
  • Firearms injury prevention
  • Bike and pedestrian safety
  • Water safety

The National Fire Protection Association with collaboration from the private and public sectors developed Risk Watch. This program has been successfully field tested throughout the United States and Canada.

Making its national debut in April 1998, Risk Watch. is an interactive tool, which encourages students to become actively involved in the learning process. It utilizes critical thinking skills to analyze situations, understanding the relationship between their actions and possible consequences and how to apply their new knowledge to everyday situations. Look for Risk Watch. to come to your school soon!